Interactive player for the hospitality industry

Showroom is a dedicated interactive player designed exclusively for hotels and resorts to create direct bookings.

ShowRoom, how it works!

Interactive Bookings

Every accommodation category is captured in ultra HD 360 film, allowing your potential guest to visit each room & suite. Within the individual films the viewer is presented with interactive features including room information, rate parity, book direct incentives and ‘book now’ which connects directly to your booking engine.

ShowRoom seamlessly integrates with your existing website and is branded to match your logo and fonts.

ShowRoom v OTA’s

OTA’s have huge online spending power which hotels simply can not match. However the good news is they don’t have to. Over 80% of leisure travelers will seek further information from the hotel’s website once they have narrowed their choices down. It’s at this point ShowRoom comes in.

The potential guest is now on your website researching the finer details of their stay. They click on the accommodation page to discover a fully immersive virtual experience of the room or suite. Within the experience rate parity reminds them of a price match, the book direct incentives show they are getting better value. This can include early checkin late checkout, champagne on arrival, free airport transfers and resort vouchers and the ‘book now’ button captures the sale.

Leading Hotels of the World: Gstaad Palace - Penthouse interactive 360 example. 


Rosewood London interactive example

Calabash Grenada 360 interactive example

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